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What to do in Suriname ? There are lot’s of things to see and do in Suriname. Suriname has grown significantly and will present tourists and visitors with a wealth of things to do and see. This page kinda gives you an indication of how many activities and destinations are available. We will present you with a list of must see and must do when you visit Suriname. Although we recommend you this list, there are lots of other activities listed in our Tourism related directory. Here is a list of our recommendations.

Things to do and See

  • Historic inner-city of Paramaribo now officially the City of Smiles

UNESCO has adopted Paramaribo as the world heritage center. Our capital contains buildings that date from 17th and 18th century Which are well preserved and protected by law. Enjoy beautiful architecture with feels from our former mother land England and Holland. Take a tour guide with you and get a extra information on what these buildings have gone trough the ages. Each building has a story to tell on It’s own.

  • Hiking and Biking trough our old plantage in Commewijne, Wanica and Paramaribo

Hire a bike and start biking your ways trough the Paramaribo Surroundings including Commewijne . Get to know us how we think and what we are. You\’ll find out we are very hospital and friendly.

  • Butterfly Garden

For those interested in Fauna. Suriname has a garden especially for butterflies which is at biking distance from Paramaribo. This Garden has almost 20 species in their collections in which they are cared for.  Although its easy and nice to see them in captivity we would recommend you to see them in their natural surroundings by selecting one of our recommended destinations within our amazon rain forest.

  • Dolphins in Their own habitat

Suriname has made a deal the family of dolphins in their natural surroundings that they would entertain our visitors and tourists and in exchange we would protect and cherish them in their surroundings forever. The deal also contains that they won\’t do that in captivity but in their natural habitat. So Said ..So done. Take a boat tour or a tour operator to see these animals in the wild. These dolphins know that you will be there to see them and will perform many tricks for you. Many of the dolphins are also know as “show offs” just to keep you entertained. See some pictures in our gallery and take one of our recommended tour operators  for this wonderful magical nature journey.

We could fill this page with all our recommended things to do and see in Suriname. But There is probably not so much space on the world wide web 🙂 . Just start booking your tour to Suriname and experience our beauty and diversity in all aspects of tourism. Just visit our Suriname destinations directory to explore for more

What to do in Suriname?

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