Suriname Shopping

When it comes to Suriname shopping, there are a lot of choices, such as Downtown Paramaribo, Malls, Major department stores and markets.

Here is a list op places to shop in Suriname.

Downtown Paramaribo
It’s a good choice for Suriname shopping is downtown Paramaribo, It’s a busy area during business hours. All favorite shops are located within the downtown area. For the best deals, you should be in Paramaribo. Usually, stores open Monday through Friday from 8 am- 5 pm and Saturday 8 am- 1 pm. Some stores are open until 9 pm:

Shopping Malls
Yes, Suriname shopping also includes malls with all the favorite shops in Suriname, we have 3 major malls in Suriname: The Maretraite mall which covers Paramaribo North, The Times mall in downtown Paramaribo and the biggest and most popular Hermitage mall.

If your in for an adventure of Suriname shopping, try some marketplaces and enjoy the business, crowdedness and culture filled Centrale Markt. You won’t believe your eyes, ears and taste buds.

There is lot’s to do when in comes to Suriname shopping, so take a look at our travel directory shopping section for where to shop in Suriname. You can find Department stores, jewelry shops, souvenier shops all over the country by browsing this travel directory.