Suriname Information

Suriname Information
Suriname Information

This page focusses on Suriname Information to travelers and visitors to Suriname. Suriname is a country located in the northern part of south America and it borders in the east by French Guyana, on the west by Guyana, while its southern border is shared with Brazil. Geographically Suriname is exactly located between 2 and 6 degrees latitude and 53 tot 58 degrees longitude. This page focusses on Suriname information.

Suriname information history

Suriname has a history of being a plantation colony of the Dutch and the British for many centuries. Suriname became an independent nation in 1975 when we formally became The republic of Suriname. Our first president was President Ferrier who also was the last Governor of Suriname ruling under authority of the Netherlands.

People, culture an Religion

Suriname has a population of about 500.000 of which 80 percent live in the northern part of Suriname. Our population consist mostly of African and Asian descent. While the natives are still around their numbers are far below the numbers to make any significance. In Suriname we have Negroes, Hindustanis, Javanese, Chinese, European , Indian who all blend into something very unique in this world. Besides our differences in race we all seem to get along very well. Its not abnormal to even see people from different races getting married and generate a new generation of Suriname people who we call Dogla. We remain diverse but we remain in peace with each other. With the many races and cultures comes also a diversity of religions such as Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. All have their own religious holidays which has been uplifted to a national holidays such as Christmas, Pagwha and IED ul Fitre.

Government and Politics

Suriname had a very rough ride when it comes to politics . The current generation experienced many type of rule in Suriname, From first being rules by the dutch and the British , getting independent in 1975 and a disruption of democracy in 1980 lead by the Desi Bouterse, to the restoration  of democracy in 1987. With all this Suriname is still maturing in its way it is governed. We now have a democratically chosen government lead by President Ronald Venetiaan who has led the country for 10 years now. The major political parties are The Nieuw Front  which is a Combination of multiple political parties to compete against The NDP which has been the single biggest political party in the country. In 2010 Suriname will be voting again for  52 members in the parliament who will elect our next president of Suriname.


In Suriname we have the Surinamese Dollar as local currency, but everywhere in Suriname you will be able to pay in either the Euro or US dollar , Our economy is still far behind because of a large fall during the Military ruler ship. However things are looking good and the current government has stabilized our currency. Our main income comes from the mining industry including Bauxite, Gold and Oil. These sectors generate more then 80% of Suriname’s income. Tourism is also in an upraise .Hotel franchises aggressively invest in Suriname because Eco Tourism is predicted to be the number 1 form of tourism in the world.

Main events and activities

Suriname has a lot of activities throughout the years , special events such as the film festival, Jazz festival have attracted lots of visitors world wide. Business showcases are organized throughout the year. Our main event and popular event is the last month of the year is December. when the calendar date hits the 1st of December. Suriname starts to go in a slow down mode when it comes to business. Everything is then focused on the celebration of the end of the year. Saying goodbye to the year that passed and welcoming the new year really starts at the 1st of December. You will find a lot to do in the month of December , such as parties , shows and events. The climax for all the events is the last year of December typically know as “owru yarie” where all hell breaks loose. partying and celebration from the early mornings to the last second of the last day of the year. with peaks such as the pagara festival in downtown Paramaribo and t’ vat owru yari party. Words cannot describe how this day is celebrated in Suriname. You just need to try it once and you will always be here on Owru Yarie

Nice things to know about Suriname

–    We Drive on the left side of the road ( Ask the English ……we got it from them), Traffic is usually normal for us but probably for you terrible.
–    We speak dutch , understand and speak English very good and talk our local language Sranang tongo as much as we can
–    Our Currency is the Surinamese Dollars but please bring your dollars and euro’s we need them more!
–    Local favorite foods are Pom, Pastei , Nasi, Bami, Souto, Roti, Tjauw Min, we also have franchises such as  MC Donald, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut
–    We have 21 radio stations and 19 Television stations broadcasting in several languages
–    We are relaxed people ..we really are!!! We live by the “No Spang” rule means Don’t worry
–    We are never on time ..30 minutes later then agreed is acceptable
–    Woman will have all the attention from men in Suriname.

Traveling to Suriname.

You can travel to Suriname by 2 main gateways. Its either Miami (USA) or Amsterdam (Holland). Air carries who provide person travel to Suriname are, Suriname Airways, Insel Air, Caribbean Airlines and the KLM.

Weather in Suriname

The weather in Suriname differs from the time of year. from August – November we have the dry season with temperatures in the 35 degrees Celsius this is the hottest season in Suriname . From December till January we have a small rainy season . The best time to be in Suriname is usually during this season. Weather is great and temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. From February till April we have the small dry season with almost a 60% chance of sunshine and from May till July the big rainy season .Best time to visit Suriname is during the small dry and rainy  season,

For more Suriname information go to Wikipedia. We hope this Suriname information page is very useful for you , but if you need more Suriname information we will gladly provide you with it.

Suriname Information

Your very Welcome to Suriname!