Sport Fishing

Welcome to your guide for port fishing in Suriname.
waterways fishing is most definitely an option. Suriname has large amount of fish species including some that yet need to be discovered. Suriname fishing has always been used as traditional means of food supply. Many people made their life into fishery as a means of living, because almost 95% of the population live in the northern part of Suriname. Here the Sea (saltwater) and the rivers (fresh water) meet, combining in an enormous amount of fish species caught for commercial purposes. Well know fish are the Koebie ( Silver croaker), Trapoen (Tarpun), Anjoemara, Tukunari ( peacock bass).

Sports fishing is not so popular in Suriname, but local tour operators do organize Suriname fishing tours that is specifically aimed at the sport fisher. In Suriname, there are a few shops that are focused on fishing in Suriname. The most popular fishing shop is Tomahawk which has units in either the downtown area and at the largest malls in Suriname.

Sea Suriname fishing.
Sea fishing is not a main factor in Suriname fishing because Paramaribo is about 25km from the coastline which is mostly muddy because of mud dragged by the Amazon basin and currents. If however a sea fish is popular then its because of the incoming tides that bring in salt water and the fish with it! Famous when  Suriname fishing are the Black drum, Red Snapper, Botervis.

River Suriname fishing
Providing Suriname fishing an intermediate into sports fishing, this section of Suriname fishing  is well developed. Most of the local sport fishers use the river to satisfy their hobby of fishing. You will also find many Suriname fishing  tour operators that provide tours into the rivers of Suriname including all the major rivers such as, Suriname river, Corantijn, Saramacca.  Koebie( silver croaker), Snoek, Tukunari ( peacock bass) , Trapoen (Tarpon) are among the fish that attract local sports fishers!Â

Creek Suriname Fishing
The fishing way that every body loves to do in their leisure time!  Suriname has many creeks where this kind of fishing can be done. A few well know fish in Suriname are the kwie kwie, krobia, Tilaphia  and Pataka,  Among the creek fish, a fish that local sport fisher love to catch is the Anjoemara. This fighter of a fish cannot be caught with the simple fishing gear, but requires the gear of a professional.

All and all there is lots to do in when Suriname fishing. You won’t be disappointed when visiting Suriname for fishing, when it comes to sport fishing and if you do let us guide you to the best available ways to meet your expectations. Visit our Suriname fishing directory or just drop us an email at [email protected] for more information. Booking through our website will also give you additional discounts and more!

Sport fishing in Suriname!