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Colakreek Suriname is a top destination for locals in Suriname which features the tropical rain forest experience close to the City.

This vacation hot spot is about 1 hour or 45 km drive away from Suriname. Locals love this place and you will too. It consists of a creek almost 2 km long with fresh rain forest water. Due to it’s proximity to the City Colakreek has all the amenities of a vacation resort. 
At this vacation resort you can hire a Camp for a day or 2 or a vacation house. Its is mostly for 1 day by locals and during the vacation time locals spend more nights. Bring your kids because Colakreek is kinds friendly and a few playing attractions to keep de kids busy.


So make Sure you visit this vacation resort when visiting Suriname or visit our vacation resort directory by clicking Here.


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Blaka Watra

Blaka Watra is a vacation resort in Commewijne and is one of the favorite places of locals to relax. This Vacation resort is about 1.5 hour drive from Paramaribo. It’s surroundings is the jungle of amazon and features a man made rapid. Cold and dark fresh water wil make you cool down in our average warm country. Blaka Watra is the nearest atraction which will give you a jungle like experience. 


Traveling to Blaka Watra will bring you trough our natives villages such as Powakka and Carolina which are also nice to visit on your way. A newly built bridge overt the Suriname river has made it easy for 1 day visitors and enables you also to visit the remains of a Jewish abandoned settlement Jodensavannah. There is a fee for entry and you will also be able to rent a tent to make your stay at Blaka Watra more pleasant.


So visit this close to the city vacation resort on your next visit to Suriname or visit our directory for more options by clicking here.


Bakaaboto Nature Resort

Bakaaboto Nature Resort is the closest nature resort that is reachable by car in Suriname and it’s filled with nature adventure and natural beauty. With 3 hour drives trough the wilderness of the amazon trough paved roads.
Bakaaboto will amaze you with it’s mix of Nature and Culture.

Bakaaboto has the only rapid reachable by car and it’s journey goes trough the jungle rain forest of the amazon. It’s a favorite among locals and visitors to Suriname. This resort can only be visited by reservation and tour-operators in Suriname who will plan you a stay at this beautiful resort. At the resort you can stay overnight in native cabins or bring your own camping gear to make it  more enjoyable.


We recommend this nature resort warmly and must when visiting Suriname. From Bakaaboto  you can also visit the Afobakka Stuwmeer, Brownsberg, Atjoni and many more places in Brokopondo. Get to know the other Nature resorts by visiting our Destination Directory 


If you want to see nature and the culture of the native inhabitants of this beautiful country then Powakka is the place to visit. It’s about 45 km from the city and perfect for a day trip. The locals are native Indians and are hosting a recreational resort for visitors. Dark cold water with the ambiance of nature is what best describes Powakka.


It’;s one of the favorite hostpots for locals , so you will easily see many locals visiting Powakka. So pack your camping gear, food and water attributes and visit this recreational resort for fun and water in the amazon rain forest.


This vacation resort  neighbors to many other nature resorts , such as Overbridge , Carolina , Blaka Watra and many more places to spend your vacation. Vist our tourist directory for more vacation destinations close to the city.