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Colakreek Suriname is a top destination for locals in Suriname which features the tropical rain forest experience close to the City.

This vacation hot spot is about 1 hour or 45 km drive away from Suriname. Locals love this place and you will too. It consists of a creek almost 2 km long with fresh rain forest water. Due to it’s proximity to the City Colakreek has all the amenities of a vacation resort. 
At this vacation resort you can hire a Camp for a day or 2 or a vacation house. Its is mostly for 1 day by locals and during the vacation time locals spend more nights. Bring your kids because Colakreek is kinds friendly and a few playing attractions to keep de kids busy.


So make Sure you visit this vacation resort when visiting Suriname or visit our vacation resort directory by clicking Here.


597- 477088
Dr. J.F. Nassylaan No. 2