Kabalebo Nature Resort

Kabalebo Nature Resort
Kabalebo Nature Resort

Kabalebo Nature Resort is a resort located in the middle of the jungle of Suriname. With no roads leading to Kabalebo makes it only to be reachable by Air plane. when it comes to “unspoiled” Kabalebo Nature Resort is the perfect paradise to be in.

Step in a commuter airplane in Paramaribo and start enjoying the trip to Kabalebo Nature Resort as it fly’s over the gigantic amazon Suriname rain forest which consist of a huge amount of wildlife , trees, plants and flowers. See as the rivers flow from their roots providing a natural habitat for fish and water life. From the air you will feel the excitement of touching ground to explore the natural beauty of the Kabalebo nature resort surroundings.

At the Kabalebo Nature Resort you can enjoy a number of activities. Besides just sitting or lying down and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Kabalebo , you can also participate in jungle hiking, Kayaking trough rapids, Fishing, and mountain climbing.

For birdwatchers the Kabalebo Nature Resort is a true heaven on earth When you visit Kabalebo bring your binoculars and camera with you to  capture most amazing Suriname birds such as the Cock of the rock, Nature parrots and a number of rarely seen birds in Suriname .

If fishing is your sport you will enjoy the resort fish activities, enabling you to catch monster and fighter fish. The Anjoemara is the most exciting fish to catch, while other catfish satisfy the adrenaline needs of the sportfisher. To maintain it’s ability to provide this wonderful fish experience for a long time this resort has a strict \”catch and release” fish policy.  But you can always take with you a few small fish to enjoy as a meal.

Accommodation at this at the Kabalebo Nature Resort is considered a 5 star hotel when it comes to lodging in the jungle. Your comfort away from the nature is almost guaranteed.

Kabalebo Nature resort is also ideal for those seeking peace of mind. the natural surroundings , sounds of birds the water flowing trough the rivers and the wind flowing trough the trees generate a perfect scenario for those wanting to come to a complete resting state.

Kabalebo is a resort which easily gets a 5 star rating when it comes to Eco tourism in Suriname.

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