Suriname Restaurants

Because of it’s diverse in ethnic groups the Suriname restaurants features quite a lot of food and eating options. We have a mixture of all kind of foods from the Creole the favorite dishes are Pom – Made of a root of the “Pom Tayer” , Pastei, Bruine bonen if you prefer Asian we have 3 favorite options Indian – Enjoy a roti like you never had from local Roti shops , Indonesian a favorite among locals when it comes to lunch. You will find their Restaurants called Warungs all over Suriname. And then you have the international Chinese kitchen for your Chinese food dishes.

Besides local Suriname Food, you will find famous fast-food chains all over the country such as KFC, MC Donald’s, Popeye’s, Pizza-hut, Burger King and more.

Need more the try a Surinamese Restaurant with an international menu for you’re favorite steak, fish and chicken can find a list in our Suriname restaurants section of the  travel directory,

Some come and enjoy Suriname Restaurants

Food for the soul

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