Driving in Suriname Guide

When in Suriname , driving your way around would be the easiest way to explore the country. There are lot’s of rental car companies ranging from local to international Franchises suchs as Hetrz, Alamo, National, Budget and more. So if your decide to drive around in Suriname make sure you have these handy tips with you.

  • in Suriname We drive on the left side of the road, so  take your time in getting used to that
  • We do not have highways so most of the traffic on roads will be 2 way traffic.
  • Drive defensively , assume you don’t have the right of way at no intersection, so top at any intersection with no Traffic signs.
  • Most of the roads are in good-shape but when you get outer town roads may become bad. Drive at a slow speed 40 km max you get to enjoy Suriname better,
  • Use Google Waze or Google map to get around. It won’t bring you exactly to your adres , but at least your in the street you want to be
  • Know our emergency numbers 115, you never know right
  • Make sure you are medical and car insured before getting a car

So we hope when you driving  in Suriname will be a wonderful experience. You could see much more on driving a car in Suriname and it saves a lot of money.

Driving in Suriname
The best way to experience the beauty of Suriname