10 Reasons to Visit Suriname

Why make Suriname the your next vacation destination? Here are the 10 Reasons to Visit Suriname.

  1. The country :Suriname is known be covered by 98% of rain forest ( see wordbank report ) , making it the country with the highest percentage of pristine rain forest 
  2. Nature and Wildlife : With the country with the most rain forest coverage comes a wealth of animal species. Suriname species are among some which can’t be found nowhere in the world.Come and enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat.its among the beste 10 Reasons to Visit Suriname
  3. The People : Call it the United Nations on a small piece of paradise on earth. With immigrants coming from all over Suriname consist of people from Africa, India , Indonesia, China and Europe who all live in harmony with each other. Suriname is famous for it ‘s consistency in friendliness people.
  4. It’s Location : Located Between Guyana ( English Speaking) and French Guyana ( French overseas territory. It is perfect if you want to make the Guiana’s you destination of travel. With roads leading to both
  5. Safety :  relatively to its neighbors its considered one of the safest countries in the Caribbean, Crime rate is low, so no worries when visiting Suriname. This is the main reason why it’s among the 10 Reasons to Visit Suriname.
  6. Religion and Culture : It’s a paradise when it comes to cultures with the immigrants came their culture and religion from African, Indian Javanese and naive  from which every detail can be seen in the surroundings and way of life
  7. Cost of living : With cost of living being very low, you could end-up spending a lot less when compare to visiting big tourism city’s in the world such as New York or Paris
  8. Tourism developed. Compared to Guyana and French Guiana Suriname has developed its Tourism sector, hence the existence of Franchise Food chains such as MC Donald’s, Pizza hut, KFC, Popeye’ s , Burger King and Franchise Hotels such as Marriott, Wyndham , Best Western, Ramada and more. It also has a tourist strip where every aspect of tourism comes together in restaurants, shops and Hotels
  9. Food : The Suriname kitchen is unmatched in the region. Enjoy dishes from immigrants who came to this beautiful country with the culinary expertise. Chinese, Javanese , Indian and much more.
  10. Connectivity: You can find your way easy to Suriname from the US or Europe and South America. So reaching us will be relativity cheap.

There are many more reasons to visit Suriname but these are the best we can pout together in a nutshell. Just visit us and contact us for much more

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